11/2019 "VISTA 611" / Exhibition project, Center for Observation and Research of Contemporary Art Artservatory, Khabarovsk


Art work "Signs"

Height 611 is both a toponym that refers us to Izvestkovaya hill in Dalnegorsk in the north of Primorsky Territory, and a general name for the site of the alleged UFO fall, and even the name of a newspaper published as a platform for discussions about anomalous phenomena.

Valery Dvuzhilny's expedition more than 30 years ago discovered traces of high-temperature impact at the designated height and marked the beginning of the ongoing, partly speculative, conversion of the legend of the UFO crash into consistent branding of the territory.

The mythology of place has long become a common theme in the work of artists, who are increasingly creating site-specific projects in the context of globalization, the free movement of people and objects and the exoticization of the local.

We have developed special masks for Instagram, which will allow us to carry out various forms of communication with unidentified agents.


The effects speculate on contact with extraterrestrial forms of beings, distort the voice and shape unreadable, ever-changing forms of the communication agent. Exhibition curator Yana Gaponenko