I and not me


Performance as an expressive means of a story about self-identification. Reproducing DNA, connecting it with lycopodium, placing it in an ion trap and tuning the microphone to sound vibrations in it, a dialogue takes place between me and my levitating DNA.

Reflections on the topic of personality. Conversation with the genome as with the information carrier of life. Acceptance or denial that the DNA base update depends on the test results.

A constant story whether you accept yourself and realize yourself as you are. What kind of splitting is going on inside yourself, after passing the test?

A very important psychological aspect with what desire a person goes to the test, to measure their risks.

Do you change after getting results? Do you want to know what can change your life?

The period of the post-genomic era. Humanity has figured out a code that is really important, but a person is not assigned by this code. This is important not only for people, but also for the psychology of understanding that you are not a hostage to this code. You are not a card on which information is written. The reasons lie in molecular mechanisms, and they are more complex than genetics.

There is also epigenetics, how this genome is interpreted, because despite the fact that there is one genome in each cell, one DNA - the cells are completely different, and they live in different ways. If we assume that the genome is a book, then its readers are different.

Led by Vladlena Gromova VALab

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.