to Hell

08/2019 "Guide to Hell", Theater Mesto, Yekaterinburg.
The authors of the video mapping performance-sound installation


Performance-sound installation based on the comic strip by British author Jack Teagle "A Guide to Hell"

The Guide to Hell is divided into several parts. First, viewers watch a video installation made in comic style, created by us, and then go to a special room, where blindfolded they listen to a sound installation, an audio journey through hell.

Taking the comic style as the basis for the visual design, we processed the pre-recorded scenes with live actors using neuro filters. The resulting animation was distributed according to the magazine-modular layout in a series of sequential events taking place with the heroes.

Simulating the process of reading with camera movements on the surface of magazine pages and accompanying individual fragments with small hand-drawn texts of the characters' and the author's replicas, we tried to preserve the character of the work and its atmosphere.