DECONSTRUCTION | performance | video art 


DIGITAL OPERA 2.O | OPERA DIGITAL ERA | ST. PETERSBURG. HermitageThe first festival in Russia, combining the genre of opera and contemporary digital art, exploring and revealing this interpenetrating and constantly developing symbiosis. Digital Gonzaga. Deconstruction. In the era of "clip thinking" and fast information flow, viewers themselves choose content that interests them.

Deconstruction of the narrative. Each architectural element of the sketch is an independent system. Line, point, color create a new story around itselves. Deconstruction of the image. Classical opera music is split into granules, resampled and locked into loops. Destroyed, it reassembles into a new work, opening up new facets of perception for the viewer. 



Project by Andrey Chugunov, Olesya Ilyenok, Anastasia Lukuta, Evgeny Luluta